In The Realms of Because



 All for The Wrong’s Reason

(  Angels,  fell  )



far,  far Ago,  an Angel named Bright Morning Star,  after quite long and careful Thought,  decided one Day to ask God a simple Question,  Father,  what is The Purpose,  for which,  I will nEver be allowed to see Your Face ? . . .

and after a grand and glorious Deliberation with HimSelf,  while pouring over All of The Whys and All of The WhereFores in His Great Book of Deeds,  after gathering each Bit of Memoranda from His voluminous Catalogue of Intent,   and certainly but diligently checking The Minutes of His deeply inspired and ageless Magnitude,  God soon discovered,  that there was,  no Answer . . . and in order to keep The Meaning of Life fully intact,  and to preserve a nEverEnding River of Souls to tend to The Multitude of His Affairs,  and,  so as not to keep an Angel waiting for far too long a Time,  in the very Throes of His Discontent,   God quickly decides to forestall any Decision on The Matter,  and promptly issues a Decree,  that hereby states . . . that any Angel,  who henceForth demonstrates a complete and profound Deficiency in The Faith I never gave Them,  will be subject to spending an Eternity,   living on a Place called Earth,  wondering why . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Second DoveTale – The Sea of Glass




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