The Echo



The Echo



On This Day,  there shall come a Sound,  soft and slow,  yet with an enduring Rhythm,  rising as Golden Wind,  to capture The Souls of all Men,  and to embrace The Hearts of all Women . . . from This Moment on,  until All Moments fade,  The Sound shall be known,  as The Breath of Angels . . .

Now,  Alone Together,  with The Fire of Life in Your Eyes,  You will stand with Hearts as One,  and talk,  of Days to Come . . .

The Voyage is upon You . . . place Your Hand in Each Other’s, and feel The Dream,  The Desire,  and The Devotion . . . Your Hearts will surge with joyous Anticipation,  as You navigate The Oceans of Promise and Fulfillment . . . You are to become The Treasure of All Dreams,  for if You laced Each Moment of Your Lives Together,  with fine Silver Thread,  more Precious would They be,  than a Web of Pearls . . .

A Bond of Freedom is forged,  to explore YourSelves through Each Other . . . Every Moment shared,  is a Testament of Faith . . . in Your Purpose,  Your Path,  and Your Passion . . . Together, You will grow,  and harvest All that Life’s Bounty has to surrender . . . and A Bridge of Gold awaits,  crossing One Hand to One Hand,  One Heart to Another,  Two become One,  and One,  is Always for Ever . . .

Imagine a Place,  where it Rains only when You Wish,  and Wishes come True only when You Smile . . . or of moving a Mountain of Shadows from Your Heart,  with just a Touch . . . or of searching The Heavens for The Truth that lies within You . . . or of gazing into The Center of this Most Blessed Union,  for The Light that Always shines There . . . Imagine Love . . .

And Tomorrow,  in The Final Pages of Your Story,  when The End is just A Beginning,  You will sit, Once More,  with Hearts as One,  and talk,  of Days Gone By . . .



from A StoryTeller’s Dream ( Dream I ) The Third DoveTale – The Gates of Dawn





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