in The Eyes of Solace



In The Wake,  of Devotion

(  RiverWalk  )



She looks,  out across The Millennia,  Out across an endless Path of Winter,  in The Hope of finding One Day’s Respite from Sorrow,  worn,  as She wears Her Faith,  with The Courage of Titans . . .

And deep within Her Heart,  lies Patience,  hiding from The Folly of Men . . . for They would steal from Her,  All They can never understand,  and They would bury Her,  under All They can never know . . .

And She will carry Her Burden through The Ages,  as She,  as Always,  has done,  without The Comfort of Reason,  without The Shelter of Compassion . . . for in This,   She stands Alone,  listening,  to The Ring of Truth,  telling Her of All that Might Have Been . . .

And slowly,  She turns toward Yesterday,  and smiles,  as Her Children of The Clouds gather before Her,  to bathe within Her Kindness . . . Her Eyes catch a glimpse of Love,  Again,  as She lays upon Her Twilight Path,  from Her Basket of Knowledge,  The Tears that became Stars,  long Ago . . .

And in The Time of A Wink and A Promise,  She forgives All that came Before,  as She walks beside Remember,  there along The River of Souls . . . and in The Distance,  drifting toward Her,  stands Tomorrow,  bound to The Deck of a Ship,  called EverMore . . .


*      *      *


and There,  into The Arms of Grace,  go I . . .




from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Fourth DoveTale – The Secret of Prisms




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