a Monument, to Tears



While Amber,  Waves

 (  of Reign  )






with Faith,

stood Patience,

there by The River,

and beyond by The Fen,

with The Light,  of The Sun,  

forging Their Hearts as One,  to

     gather,  among The Follies,  of Men . . .

upon those They so cast,  a weary Eye,

that told,  of Each Mile,  They had been,

for They alone,  knew,  of Eden’s View, 

      The Secrets,  would keep ‘til Then . . .

for They,  had seen It All, 



Time,  could naught remember When,

and So,  Come What May,  made a

Promise to Day,  This,  shall

nEver happen Here,

      Again . . .



Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Bridge of Dreams





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