reflected, on a Sea of Glass



Plus Ultra 

(  of More,  and Beyond  )




as The Mariner,  explores,  with His Iron Oars,  The Depths,  of The IcanSea,

He pulls to Appraise Them,  only to Raise Them,  from Oblivion’s Hold,  so Heavenly,

burdened blind,  by The Weight of Mankind,  for The Wind in His Wake is Sighing,  Still,

while an Echo of Everything Dear,  quietly roars in His Ear,  He rows by a Force of Will,

and ’Lo and Behold,   as These Legends unfold,  to become The Meaning,  of Truth,

The Mariner turns,  For Always He yearns,  remembering The Love,  of His Youth,

as The Sea finds The Sky,  without knowing Why,  Home is The Star of Reason,

      behind Eden’s Gates,  His Always waits,  no matter The Time,  or The Season . . .


until At Last,  across Millennia’s Past,  His Journey will End,  where It Began,

beyond Her Shore,  He will roam No More,  lost,  among The Follies,  of Man,

just out of Sight,  Ever,  shrouded by Night,  reckoning by The Light of Her Grace,

One Day,  Soon,  under an August Moon,  so Lovely,  will be The Smile on Her Face,

yet before Hope rests Again in The Arms of When,  Here,  There are Promises to keep,

from His Heart,  sails a Thread,  for to All He is wed,  by Each Tear,  Ever born,  to weep,

and if Fate had a Choice or Silence a Voice,  These Words to Her,  He whispered Then,

     Always,  is My Rose,  as only Forgiveness knows,  and We,  will be,  Love,  Again . . .





 from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Bridge of Dreams





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