because The Wind, knows The Way



A Forest,  for The Tree




We ask OurSelves,  Each and Every Day,  whether or naught The Paths We choose are pointing in The Right Direction,  or if The Reasons for going There,  are Those that will provide Us with a closer Look toward The Who and What We are,  and perhaps a clearer Understanding,  of The Where and Why of Our Destination . . .

more Often as Naught,  We do This because We believe in Our Inner Voice,  that tells Us We are a Part of some invisible Whole,  drawing Us closer to The Inevitable Sum,  where We will One Day arrive at Our Purpose within The Meaning of Life,  and Our Place,  within The Tapestry,  of This Grand Design . . .

as We journey Onward,  Some of Us,  will follow The Path trusting in Our Heads,  and Some,  will answer only to Our Hearts,  leaving All The Rest,  to find The Balance,  in The Space Between . . . yet,  regardless of where The Echo might originate within Us,  or if We Ever take The Time to even listen,  rest Assured,  It is Our Souls that will,  ultimately,  answer The Call . . .

still,  there is SumThing quite extraOrdinary,  that Each and Every Soul is bound to enCounter,  by The Grace of God,  as We walk along The Way . . . and That,  is The Existence,  of One who holds The Completeness,  and therefore holds The FullFillMeant,  of AnOther . . . A Companion,  A Friend,  A Lover,  A Mate,  of Our Very Own Soul . . .

and So,  My Dearest One,  It is naught by Chance,  or even by Circumstance,  that This Very Soul of Mine,  after All These Years,  and All These Tears,  has finally come Home,  to The Very Point,  of U . . .





from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Ninth DoveTale – The Windmills of Eden




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