a mighty See, of Love





(  Lo’,  and BeHold  )






 deep in His Mind’s Eye,

 She lay in The Palm of His Hand,

 as The Cathedral of Stars slowly swirled,

 yes,  with The Grace of Swans,  They twirled,

       for They were as many as were Grains of Sand . . .

 All He had Ever wanted,  All He had Ever wished,

 as He gazed,  at His Dominion,  from High Above,

 that Now,  in This Time,  and Here,  in This Place,

      was born the Season and the Reason for Love . . .

with a Wink and a Nod,  from AllMighty God,

Her emergence began for All to see,  as

Her Wings,  They unfurled,  while

The Light,  of This World,

poured Forth from

 Her Heart,  to

       Thee . . .





from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eleventh DoveTale – The Whisper of Fulfillment





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