deep in The OurGlass




The Coming True

We have spoken of the Remembrances,  the tectonic shifting of a grand Paradigm,
the Parade of Moments that make up this Symphony of a Life,  the taking hold of
every Blessing before its echo fades into SumWhere,  and cherishing it All,  for 
All it is worth,  and realizing,  what it is to be a part of this Flow of undeniable 
Splendor and Grace,  to have been so stunned into shedding uncountable 
tears,  by awe,  by Love,  or touched by an Essence so infinitely beyond 
Wisdom and Compassion,  to have had my soul laid bare,  inside 
the silence of unspeakable Sadness,  to have quenched this 
ageless thirst of my Longing with a river of such terrible 
Beauty,  to understand the flaws in the very fabric 
of my Existence,  and so too the designs
sewn by no hand but my own,  while 
I stand humbled still by every act
of every Kindness ever left,  by
those I have been so blessed 
to know,  the Jewels adorning
the Richness of my Days,  and 
All are now present,  here on this,
      the very Threshold,  of All my Dreams . . .

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