in The AfterGlow

in eternal and loving memory . . .





Still Falling, Higher

 (of Wings, and Prayers)



a delicate yet determined little sparrow, without even a name or a number, and fresh from the shores of a pale-blue gem in a dark velvet sky called Urth, stares with unblinking eyes upon the vast and venomous maw of Oblivion, waiting, well past the Reach, and just beyond the edge, of her fading and now forgotten uncertainty . . .

she is poised, not by dare or design, yet knowing beyond a shadow of doubt that all that has come to pass, ended, here, and as sure as the very next breath she will take during this journey, will begin the first moments of all that will come to be . . .

and so far she has flown, so far from the fields and the forests of Sometime When, carrying with her the dreams, the desires, and the music of men . . .

and while this Night begins to fade from the Light of The One, and the moon slowly turns once more, to face the advent of the Sun, whose smile heralds her return, to the land, of Love, Again . . .

and with a final thrust born from the strength of her conviction and courage, she pushes off from her place upon the hopes of humanity, with wings outstretched to embrace the eternal whispers of God, which will guide her unerringly across the Heavens, into the wide and waiting arms of her everlasting Fulfillment . . .

and knowing so well, as she soars at last into the absence of her fear, that behind her, lifting high into the realms of their absolute significance, and with the might and majesty of titans, come tens, of thousands, more . . .




Sarah Wildman Nash

1954 ~ 2011

Daughter   *   Wife   *   Mother   *   Angel


on Her Birthday . . .


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