carried across untold aeons




as the echo glides through the Universe, it gathers strength from every prayer along the way, for the cloak of darkness will no longer keep it hidden from the heart of All Things Dear, nor hinder it from fulfilling the promise of the return of the Light, of Love, Again . . .

and as the hush of Silence guides its path through the heavens, and the memory of the journey begins to unfold, one by one, the legions of Stars assemble in its wake, to cast their blessing upon the upturned faces, of each and every child, of God . . .






The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream

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of Kingdoms, Come



Eagle’s Trace







under The Moon,

closer,  yet so far Away,

quiet,  though a Siren yet to be,

something Wonderful,  this way comes,

and soon,  You will know The Kiss of Always,

You will know The Glory of Grace,

[]      []      []      []

They are sailing,  on Her Radiance,

on Sunships,  on Her Chariots of Light,

to awaken You from The Cradle of Darkness,

to herald The Dawn of The Kingdom of Forgiveness,

to lay open The Gates to The Empire of The Everlasting Sun,

to welcome You,  inside The Embrace of The Heart of The Diamond,

to remember,  that which was nEver forgotten,  The Memory of Love,

[]       []       []       []       []       []       []

and The Place,  inside You,  where lies The Echo,  of All Things Dear,

The Echo of a Promise made to You,  somewhere in Time,  eons Ago,

inside The Palace of Rain,  on An Isle in Paradise,  under A Cyan Sky,

amidst The Brilliance,  of Her Host of Stars,  Her Legions,  The Eyes of Heaven,

Their Passage ceased,  to Witness,  and Wonder,  as Her Story was told to You,

a Tale of a Web of Pearls,  woven in fine silver Thread,  The Thread of Her Heart,

spun,  from Her Wings of Joy,  and baptized,  within The Pools of Your Innocence,

[]      []      []      []      []      []      []      []      []      []

as You stood,  a Candle in Your Hand,  and Courage in Your Soul,  whispering of Days to Come,

when a Universe would hear Your Song,  once again,  and bathe in the Cool Water of Friendship,

taste the sweet Nectar of Freedom,  know the Fragrance of Roses,  grown in Her Field of Dreams,

   as Your Whisper became The Voice of Her Myriad,  as The Voice became The Breath of 10,000 Angels . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Third DoveTale – The Rail of Sighs





Ever standing, behind The Sun



A Rush,  of Wings

(  A Flock,  of Grace  )








by The

Hand,  and

softly,  spoke to

Their Hearts,  of All

Things Dear,  All Things

lying in wait,  for just a Breath

of Kindness,  of Truth,  of Passion,

and She told Them,  of The Promise,

for Every Tear cried,  in The Name of

The Dove,  so would reign upon

The Earth,  a mighty Sea

      of Love . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The First DoveTale – The Fires of Ice




a Shadow’s Embrace





 (  The Blackest,  of Wholes  )



horrific . . . and

standing there,  stark among The Galaxies,  as

each heaving breath He takes,  draws billions upon billions of Stars

into the swirling Chasm,  of Oblivion . . . His Form,  an immense Nebulae of

what might have been,  lit from within,  by the serpentine Fires of an unnamed Hell,

     emitting vile and virulent Clouds of unrelenting Rage upon The Silence of untold Æons . . .

a vast and terrible Beauty,  a Colossus,  made living by the sheer enormity of Evil,  and Its

dogs He has lain loose upon The Hearts of Men,  for Ever kept rabid,  and ravenous,  by the

merciless Hunger of an old,  deep and insatiable Darkness,  where Angels are doomed to

walk Eternity in the final Abyss of Fear,  and where The Echoes of Empires have gone to

die,  along with Their Suns,  along with Their Sorrows,  unsung,  and unforgiven,  and

unremembered . . . a ruined Aberration of God,  whose purpose is nothing less

than complete,  utter annihilation of The Very Light of All Creation, 

therefore,  alas,  and oh yes,  The Very Essence, 

      of All,  Things,  Dear . . .




(  Chaos,  waits  )




from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The First DoveTale – The Rhythm of Life