among Amber Waves, of Reign




of Wood,  Stone,  and A Sea of Glass

(  The EverBeam  )




Love,  is never lost within The Structure of Living,  and

though She may wander from Room to Room from Time to Time,

this is because,  a Balance must be kept,  so that Chaos,  cannot

      gain a Foothold,  within The Borders,  of Her Dominion . . .




from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Circle of Heaven



Vox Aeterna



on the Doorstep,  of unCertainty



Heaven,  waiting,  as though having caught Chaos holding its breath,  and the Tide of Reason lay unmoved,  as if by some unforgiveable weight of doubt that had rested upon its surface,  and the Moon slowly turning to face an empty Sky,  for the Legions of Stars had quietly faded from sight,  without leaving even a trace of the Light they had shepherded across the Millennia,  and therefore assuming that its Memory was all mankind needed,  to escape what might have been,  and to embrace,  what could never be imagined . . .



The y in Myth

 ( and the i in faith  )



amid the mindless horrors of our daily Existence,  and the endless gathering of evil’s dogs about us,  and the knowing full well of the outComes within Heaven’s glorious Intent,  there still lies within the ever-fading darkness an undeniable breath of unCertainty,  whose very essence moves so phantom-like beneath The Smile on The Face of Because,  and unbidden,  lays its long and loathsome shadow,  aCross,  The Heart of The Reason Why . . .




from The Journals,  as yet unpublished,  and unremembered