on this Day of Days


      to The Brothers,  and Sisters,  in Arms . . .





      as the Caissons,  go rolling along,  Ever still . . .




in The Name of The Sun




A Prayer to Innocence




just as

the Morning

gives up Her Promise

to the Day,  go forth,  become, 

and be One with God’s bless’d Intent,

be swift,  be sure,  be smart,  be strong,  yes

be the Purpose for which all your Courage is lent,

from your eyes,  your heart,  your soul’s reason why, 

pours your Grace,  as from Heaven,  sent,

and in the absence of fear,  join

with All Things Dear, 

and take

hold of what your

     dreams,  have Always meant . . .




Havana 2

      and to an Angel,  named Havana,  who ’caused’  these words into being . . .





So Near to Heaven




and Sapphire Skies


of All the Days,  and All the Ways,  We have stood in each Other’s sight,  as Friends,

those Days,  were surely the Best Days,  as My Heart so warmly contends,

and when these Memories speak of Fondness,  and of a Woman’s

Essence,  that only Angels could ever deserve to boast,  it is

      Your Courage,  as a Quality,  that I so admire the most . . .





                                                                                                                                                for S.





of Lions, and Butterflies




The Light,  upon a Dark

 (  A Monarch,  of peerless Grace  )




rising,  up through The Mists of unCertainty,

breaking Free,  of the Long Dark Kiss of Night,

unfurling a glorious wing’d Tapestry of The Colors

of Humanity . . . Each Hue and Cry,  of Days,  gone by,

      gently streaming,  in the brilliant Abundance,  of Her Wake . . .

every Sight,  and every Sound,  quietly gathers in A Symphony

of Moments yet to be,  while a Host of Stars slowly come to rest,

to witness,  and to wonder,  of The Courage,  about to lay ItSelf

       down upon The Land,  and Yes,  upon The Follies,  of Man . . .




from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Ninth DoveTale – The Shield of Courage



Anam Cara



and standing, among Giants




The Eve,  of Deliverance

(  Tatia’s Dream  )




and Now,  a tumultuous Year is nigh coming to a close,

one that held many Chances and CircumStances,

some Within,  some Without,  and some,

     so very far Beyond,  Our Control . . .

We are left to reassemble or rebuild Each of

the Pieces of Our Lives that best mirror The Pattern,

      or The Purpose,  of The Plan,  and Our Place,  within It All . . .

some of Us face Tasks or Trials that challenge,  while Others,

face the same Troubles,   with nary a Blink of an Eye . . . and still,

      there are Those that never even bother to notice The Light of Day . . .

through it All,  there are Those,  that meet what is dealt to Them

with extraordinary Courage,  unextinguishable Hope,  while

      teaching All of Us,  exactly what Faith,  is All about . . .

      They,  lead Us,  by Example . . .

      They,  honor Us,  with Kindness . . .

      They,  shelter Us,  with Foregiveness . . .

They,  Always reveal to Us,  The Very Meaning of Life,  and how to live It,  and how to cherish Every

      Moment of Every Day,  with a Spirit borne of knowing of just how precious,  Every Moment,  can be . . .




from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Passion of Innocence


written to,  and for,  some very dear Friends,  on December 24th,  2002



oh lay Them down softly . . .



to The Brothers,  in Arms

(  come The Angels,  of Mercy  )



(  and free,  of The Metals,  of Honor  )




from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Second DoveTale – The Pillow of Hope




and Still Falling, Higher



Above This Field of ForgetMeNots

 (  She Soars  )




She watches The FireFlies

chasing Away The Edge of Night,

It’s Long Dark Kiss nEver to pierce

or plague The Very Hearts of Men,

and what Women once Were,

     They will Be,  Again . . .

and Far,  Far





for Eternity,

is Her Iron Horse,

SteadFast,  and Resolute,

with His Eyes Ever on The Prize,

and His Heart,  Ever bound by a Thread

so Fine,  and Silver,  to The Wing’d Wonder

now dancing with The Wind,  high above Him,

and to Whom,  He gazes so fondly,  and returns

The Smile She has flown an entire Sky to find,

and He whispers to Her,  with a Voice of

singular Courage and Grace,

whereEver U may go,  and whatEver U may do,

The Meaning of My Life,  is for Always,  loving U,

yet,  no Matter how Far,  from Me, U care to roam,

know that My Heart will be waiting,  for as Long  as

      My Heart,  is Your Home . . .



from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eleventh DoveTale – The Whisper of Fullfilment