a light the darkness fears the most





and from the mists and the myths of our collective folklore, for we are

all born under the same sun, comes a whisper of a way in which 

this spirit might rise again, through our thoughts, 

      our voices, our portrayals, of our yesterdays . . .

so our dreams, our desires, our hopes, 

our prayers, shall be brought forth,

where everything is illuminated,

around and through a simple

      yet timeless element . . .

      a spark, a flame, a ball, of light . . .



from The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream




The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream

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all the way from Memphis . . .





perchance, to Dream

( at The Sight, of Resolute )





and when the last t was dotted,

and the very last i was crossed,

the where was what Ever had plotted,  but,

the why,  Always,  came at too high a cost,

and still the ibis had flown,  all across Heaven alone,

to watch our own Fields of Clover,  now sail on past,

and a great weight she had borne,  a crown of roses without a thorn,

      and oh yes to tell us,  the rape of Innocence,  was finally over,  at last . . .





out of The Mists, of Avalon






Castles,  of Iron

 (  on The Sands,  of Time  )



      ~~~~­ *

           ~~­ *


here I stand,

My Sword,  in Hand,

bathed in Her Armor of Grace,

the Dragons,  slain,  darkness,  dead,

      and Her Light,  Always,  shines,  in It’s Place . . .

ο    ο    ο    ο

yes,  gone The Night,  no Evil in sight,

Sorrow’s Fate,  having lost,  the Race,

so,  walk with Me,  through The Gates

of Her Dawn,  and Our Eyes

      will behold,  Heaven’s Face . . .

so,  open Your Hearts,  and

sail Away,  with Me,  across

My River of Tears,  for there

 is where Ever reigns in Peace,

      for All The Days,  of Our Years . . .

so,  come share My Dream,  as

though It might seem,  as We fly

upon these Angel’s Wings,  Away, 

to The Blessed,  beyond All The Rest,

     as We journey,  toward This Voyage,  of Kings . . .





from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Bridge of Dreams




in a dark velvet Sky



Imagine,  Eagles

(  in Evan’s Eyes  )




imagine a Place,

 where it Rains only when You wish,

and Wishes come True,  only when You smile,

imagine a Purpose,  when The Moment You realize

where You are going,  shall be remembered Always,

as The Time of Your Life,  and imagine a Passion,

that burns,  with The Light of The Sun,  and

takes a Boy’s Dream and sends It,

      around The Moon . . .








from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Rock of Patience

­   ­

­   ­

in The Arms of an Iron Horse





Hope’s Crossing

(  Bridge,  of Sighs  )




as Rain,  caressed The Window,

She could see,  both Far,  and Wide,

She settled back beside Her Dream,

     as They began to enjoy The Ride . . .



giving Her Thoughts to The Season,

watching Her Memories,  sail On Past,

She knew She had found The Reason,

     so,  She was going Home,  at Last . . .



She closed Her Eyes,   knowing The Rhythm,

would carry Her Spirit so High,

when She began to feel, 

His cold-blue Steel,

     lift Her Soul,  into,  The Sky . . .





from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Third DoveTale – The Circle of Heaven





The Gem in The Reason Why



on This,  Your Voyage,  of Wings

 (  what Dreams may come  )



and One Dei,  within these Pages,

Men,  will Ever write,  of what They do,

Women,  will Always right,  of what They knew,

*  Men,  will Ever write,  of when Their ~conquered~ knelt,  *

*  while Women,  will Always right,  of just how it ~felt~,  *

*   Men,  will Ever write,  of All Their Empires built,   *

*  Women,  will Always right,  of the Blood that  *

*  They spilt,  and Men,  will Ever right,  of  *

Their All and Their Sums,  leaving  *

*  Women,  to Always write,   *

*  as Their very own  *

*  Kingdom,  *



       comes . . .



from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Third DoveTale – The Gates of Dawn



on The Pillow of Hope



Dream,  catch Her



and All at Once,

in The Time of a Wink,  and a Promise,

a soft,  luxuriant Hush moves gently through The Willows,

as if Angels,  were whispering to ThemSelves,  of The Days Gone By,

     and of The Days to Come,  and of All These Precious MoMeants in between . . .

and there by The Bend in The River of Souls,  She stands amid a Field of Lilies,

 Each and Every One,  holding The Hopes,  Wishes,  and Prayers of Her Lifetime,

     Each and Every One,  bearing The Weight,  of Her Determination,  and Courage . . .

and as She gazes outward across Her vast Dominion,  She smiles,  for there

on The Horizon,  stands The Rock of Her Perseverance,  and etched in

The Rock,  is The Face of Patience,  and The Look,  etched

on The Face of Patience,  is Peace,

     EverLasting . . .



from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Bridge of Dreams



The Echo



The Echo



On This Day,  there shall come a Sound,  soft and slow,  yet with an enduring Rhythm,  rising as Golden Wind,  to capture The Souls of all Men,  and to embrace The Hearts of all Women . . . from This Moment on,  until All Moments fade,  The Sound shall be known,  as The Breath of Angels . . .

Now,  Alone Together,  with The Fire of Life in Your Eyes,  You will stand with Hearts as One,  and talk,  of Days to Come . . .

The Voyage is upon You . . . place Your Hand in Each Other’s, and feel The Dream,  The Desire,  and The Devotion . . . Your Hearts will surge with joyous Anticipation,  as You navigate The Oceans of Promise and Fulfillment . . . You are to become The Treasure of All Dreams,  for if You laced Each Moment of Your Lives Together,  with fine Silver Thread,  more Precious would They be,  than a Web of Pearls . . .

A Bond of Freedom is forged,  to explore YourSelves through Each Other . . . Every Moment shared,  is a Testament of Faith . . . in Your Purpose,  Your Path,  and Your Passion . . . Together, You will grow,  and harvest All that Life’s Bounty has to surrender . . . and A Bridge of Gold awaits,  crossing One Hand to One Hand,  One Heart to Another,  Two become One,  and One,  is Always for Ever . . .

Imagine a Place,  where it Rains only when You Wish,  and Wishes come True only when You Smile . . . or of moving a Mountain of Shadows from Your Heart,  with just a Touch . . . or of searching The Heavens for The Truth that lies within You . . . or of gazing into The Center of this Most Blessed Union,  for The Light that Always shines There . . . Imagine Love . . .

And Tomorrow,  in The Final Pages of Your Story,  when The End is just A Beginning,  You will sit, Once More,  with Hearts as One,  and talk,  of Days Gone By . . .



from A StoryTeller’s Dream ( Dream I ) The Third DoveTale – The Gates of Dawn