the fire in passion’s i



and with an intensity of pure emotion that overshadowed all that ever came before, even in their dreams, and a fevered rush of purpose rivaling the power that ignites the Sun, they pledge their fidelity to the sea of Stars above them, to walk all the moments of Eternity, to capture just one tear falling from the face that is the grace of God, and to savor it, to cherish it, from this moment on, until all their moments fade . . .

and all at once, they heard a Sound, soft and slow, yet with an enduring rhythm of what surely must be Light, cast from a very distant fire, rising as a golden wind, an echo of the millennia, roaming for ever all the days of Infinity, forging the very framework of their deepest desires, melding their hearts as one, delivering them the whisper of a promise, that this time, and this place, has been touched by the feather from the wing, of the Angel, of Love . . .






from The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream  The Kiss, of Always


The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream



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the very first echo



an Angel stands with the grace of a swan, and walks to the edge of a sea of glass, and the quietest hush moves as liquid across all that Her eyes survey, for even the myriad of Heaven’s prayers have waited for an eternity to be answered, and held in the Light of all that shall come of this . . .

and She begins to tell a story, softly and slowly, and in a voice just barely above a whisper, yet capturing the significance of the moment as only thunder ever could, and every hope ever dared or dreamed suddenly came alive at the sound of the words that began . . . from this Day, there shall come a Sound . . .




from The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream     The Prologue – Once Cast from a Distant Fire



The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream

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the voyage of a king, the fall of an empire





as He approached the pale-blue jewel called Urth, nestled in the nocturnal sea of Stars known for its rather milky aspect, at last, having suffered the long dark kiss of Night for what felt like an eternity, while pondering a face He could not quite remember, and the memory of a place He cannot seem to forget, Ever moved forward into the waiting arms of Destiny, and finally came to rest upon a page in the tragic history of a brave new world on the threshold of disgrace . . .

and all at once, as He felt a great hush moving slowly across the Universe, as the air around Him vibrated softly, as if the sky were soon to crack from the weight of certainty, He knew that the rose He had walked all Creation to find was here . . . and just when the Dawn gave up Her promise to the Day, He saw, high up on a hill crowned like a human skull, a sight now etched in His heart for ever, a man, nailed to a cross . . . and the man on the cross was the Rose of Avalon . . . and yes, the Rose of Avalon, was His Son . . .




from The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream     The Prologue – A Bridge,  A Cross,  Eternity





The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream

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Silent Lucidity



The Love,  of God




       old as Rhyme,  and Time,  Eternity Itself . . .





from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Cloak of Simplicity



from this Moment, on




The River,  in My Hands

 (  and Arms Wide Open  )







as Liquid,

through Each

and Every Corridor

of My Hope-weary Heart,

bathing This Desert of Longing

      in Her Sweet Waters of FullFillMeant . . .

and All The While,  flowing,  SumWhere

within Reach of All Things Dear,  gliding

between A Wink,  and A Promise,  and

wrapped in The Sounds,  of Her

Amazing Grace,


The Very Words

I have walked The Millennia to

hear,  flying Now,  like Diamonds,  across

this UniVerse,  between She and Me,  through a Crack in

      The Sky,  into The Tear in My Eye,  yes to herald The Reign,  of Joy . . .

and with a Voice borne inside The Breath of Eternity,  pouring Forth,  from

 The Panorama of Her Smile,  and as I bow My Head in The Presence of Her

Majesty,  She raises Her lovely Hands,  and lifts My Face toward The Light

      of All Creation,  and then,  She whispers,  WellCome Home,  Angel . . .




 from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Symphony of Moments



and Still Falling, Higher



Above This Field of ForgetMeNots

 (  She Soars  )




She watches The FireFlies

chasing Away The Edge of Night,

It’s Long Dark Kiss nEver to pierce

or plague The Very Hearts of Men,

and what Women once Were,

     They will Be,  Again . . .

and Far,  Far





for Eternity,

is Her Iron Horse,

SteadFast,  and Resolute,

with His Eyes Ever on The Prize,

and His Heart,  Ever bound by a Thread

so Fine,  and Silver,  to The Wing’d Wonder

now dancing with The Wind,  high above Him,

and to Whom,  He gazes so fondly,  and returns

The Smile She has flown an entire Sky to find,

and He whispers to Her,  with a Voice of

singular Courage and Grace,

whereEver U may go,  and whatEver U may do,

The Meaning of My Life,  is for Always,  loving U,

yet,  no Matter how Far,  from Me, U care to roam,

know that My Heart will be waiting,  for as Long  as

      My Heart,  is Your Home . . .



from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eleventh DoveTale – The Whisper of Fullfilment