and The First, know well . . .




The Gift,  of Faith

( A Season’s Ring )

and,  as the

Whisper of Winter’s Breath,

carries the last leaves of Autumn

far from the loving Arms of Home,

away,  to golden Fields of Our Past,

and lesser Days cast a longer shadow

upon all that might have been,  remember

always,  that Hope flies eternal,  and Wishes born

in the Prayers of Children,  live on in The Hearts of Angels,

as their Dreams,  walking hand in hand with God’s Grace,  become

the Spirit of Promises to keep,  for the Joys of all they can be,

lie waiting,  in The Eyes,  of

      Tomorrow . . .




may Christmas find U all,  wrapped in The Presence,  of Peace on Earth . . .



found lying on a stairway from Heaven



All for The Wrong’s Reason

(Angels,  fell)



far, far ago, an Angel named Bright Morning Star, after quite long and careful thought, decided one day to ask God a simple question . . . Father, what is the purpose for which I will never be allowed to see Your face ? . . .

and after a grand and glorious deliberation with Himself, while pouring over all of The Whys and all of The Wherefores in His great Book of Deeds, after gathering each bit of memorandum from His voluminous Catalog of Intent, and certainly but diligently checking the minutes of His deeply inspired and ageless Magnitude, God soon discovered, that there was no answer . . .

and in order to keep The Meaning of Life fully intact, and to preserve a never-ending River of Souls to tend to the multitude of His affairs, and, so as not to keep an Angel waiting for far too long a time while in the very throes of discontent, God quickly decides to forestall any decision on the matter, and promptly issues a decree that hereby states . . . that any Angel, who henceforth demonstrates a complete and profound deficiency in the faith I never gave them, will be subject to spending an eternity living on a place called Earth, wondering why . . .







The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream

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there, on The Pinnacle of Choice


and Windows are but Seas of Glass



Imagine, walking through the corridors within you that comprise the essence of your heart, and therefore becoming the sanctuary of the very place where your soul resides.

From this simple act of defining a center of your self, now imagine the depth and breadth of your absolute significance within the grand and glorious design that caused such a remarkable occurrence, or presence, that whispers of understanding the magnitude of your purpose inside the All of it.

Visualize this presence as a sacred dwelling, a divinely inspired manse of awesome and stunning proportions, and far beyond your awakening consciousness to yet fully appreciate, and which now corresponds to the endless array of possibilities that await each and every notion that comes to mind.

For you,  are a most singular aspect, of the magnitude and majesty of Everything, as extraordinary as the light from the Sun that rose on the day you were born,  and as perfectly unique as the gleam in God’s adoring Eye.

And within this dwelling are as many rooms as there are stars in a galaxy, and each room holds again what only the stars could ever know.  And these rooms abound within the infinite corridors of your everlasting heart. And these rooms present the portals, that offer up the doors, that finally embrace the locks that will always require the Keys, of your Knowledge.

Now imagine, that each of these locks, will accept but a single remarkable key, and this key, is one among seven. For these seven keys, are the means by which all wisdom is bestowed, and all wisdom, is therefore achieved, when you have come to realize that your pure existence within and throughout this voyage of Knowledge, is of an unfolding, an arabesque of a delicate and deliberate design.

And this design is the blueprint of your amazing soul, whose primary purpose within Everything is to savor the countless experiences that forge each of the seven keys, that embody each of the seven virtues of living. For the totality of living is what your soul craves, to know what can only be learned by seeking wisdom, inside a journey that begins and ends with Patience, Tolerance, Acceptance, Compassion, Understanding, and Forgiveness, in order to ever find Love, again . . .

Love, is the sole manifestation of order within this universe, and without which there can emerge no process of investigation or examination, and therefore no sustainable need, want, deservance or desire to even pose the question “why ?”. Because, hidden deep within the fabric of humanity lays the thread of our individual and collective purpose, which, having been meticulously sown by the hand of the Almighty has resonated unerringly across the ages within the welcoming yet infinite realm of wonder.

For each and every aspect of understanding, once gathered and held secure by the alliance of faith and courage, transforms all inquiry and analysis into a definitive and glorious tapestry of Knowledge, through which, and ever annealed in the crucible of wisdom, shall emerge the exquisite clarity, of one voice, and ultimately, one truth.




and standing, among Giants




The Eve,  of Deliverance

(  Tatia’s Dream  )




and Now,  a tumultuous Year is nigh coming to a close,

one that held many Chances and CircumStances,

some Within,  some Without,  and some,

     so very far Beyond,  Our Control . . .

We are left to reassemble or rebuild Each of

the Pieces of Our Lives that best mirror The Pattern,

      or The Purpose,  of The Plan,  and Our Place,  within It All . . .

some of Us face Tasks or Trials that challenge,  while Others,

face the same Troubles,   with nary a Blink of an Eye . . . and still,

      there are Those that never even bother to notice The Light of Day . . .

through it All,  there are Those,  that meet what is dealt to Them

with extraordinary Courage,  unextinguishable Hope,  while

      teaching All of Us,  exactly what Faith,  is All about . . .

      They,  lead Us,  by Example . . .

      They,  honor Us,  with Kindness . . .

      They,  shelter Us,  with Foregiveness . . .

They,  Always reveal to Us,  The Very Meaning of Life,  and how to live It,  and how to cherish Every

      Moment of Every Day,  with a Spirit borne of knowing of just how precious,  Every Moment,  can be . . .




from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Passion of Innocence


written to,  and for,  some very dear Friends,  on December 24th,  2002



moving Heaven, and Earth




A Certain Kind,  of Nice




Reason,  is The Faith,  if We believe in Our Endeavors,

     just as Faith is The Reason,  We believe in OurSelves . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fifth DoveTale – The  Pillar of Truth




upon Our upTurned Faces



The Sky,  in Autumn’s Dream





*  *

*      *

*           *

*                 *

*                          *

*                                       *

*                where,  from                *

The Arms,  of Hope,  and The Blessing,  of

Faith,  flew The Wrens of Ever,  Ten Thousand All,

Each with The Memories of EveryThing Dear,  and Each,

with a Ribbon of Forgiveness,  when in The Rush of Wings

came a Voice of Quiet Thunder,  and Whispers of Horses

echoing across The Universe like The Breath of God,

and in One Word,  came One Wish,  Love,

      and It was So . . .




and from Sumwhere inside the very First Tear to caress

      The Face of Joy,  came The Fall,  of The Reign,  of Night . . .

from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Symphony of Moments

a Horse, with no name




The Wonderist




Knowing,  is The Child,  of Faith and Understanding,

reflected in The Eyes,  of Wisdom,  for

Ever to grace The Face,  of

       So It Shall Be . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Sixth DoveTale – The Cradle of Light




The Bells, of WoeBeGone




The Gift,  of Faith

  (  A Season’s Ring  )

and,  as The

Whisper of Winter’s Breath,

carries the Last Leaves of Autumn,

Far,  from The Loving Arms of Home,

away to Golden Fields of Our Memory,

and lesser Days,  cast a longer Shadow,

upon All that Might Have Been,  remember

Always,  that Hope flies Eternal,  and Wishes born

in The Prayers of Children,  live On in The Hearts of Angels,

as Their Dreams,  walking Hand in Hand with God’s Grace,  become

The Spirit of Promises to Keep,  for The Joys of All They can Be,

ly waiting,  in The Eyes,  of

     Tomorrow . . .




 from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Symphony of Moments




of a terrible Beauty



The Dead,  Reckoning

 (  on Nine Inch Nails  )





in His


yet not

in His Design,  for

The Last Hurrah,  The One Last Time,  The Last Things,  will nEver be,  Again,

for Nothing was,  as

It will seem,  in

Mercy’s Name

Jesus came

for Love and


Jesus died,

for Love and


and This, 

is why

an Echo,


      returns . . .




 from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fourth DoveTale – The Web of Pearls



by a Thread, fine and silver



The View,  from Mirth

(  Held,  Aloft  )









This World,

a pale blue Gem in a dark Velvet Sky,

where We try,  and We try,  and We try,  Again,

searching for Any and All Things Dear,  and We go On,

     as Ever,  and as Always,  for The Promise,  and The Living . . .

because of Faith,  and because of Reason,  Hope still flies

Eternal,  and Here,  standing among The Stars,  is Love,

waiting,  out beyond The Reach,  past the Broken

Sound,  sumWhere,  between Thanks,

      and Giving . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Pinnacle of Choice