between the sand, and the foam

November 8th, 1999



of Fathers, and Suns

( for Evan )


on the Shoreline, where I walk, caught between the wish, and the wave,

if Tomorrow fails to shed His Light, I will treasure, All that He gave,

and still, if this Tide should fail to return, across Heaven’s shining mile,

      I will walk, all the Days of Infinity, to find the Kingdom, of His smile . . .





 from The Voyage of Kings – The Ring – The Sixth DoveTale – The Grace of Swans








on This Day of Days . . .


.Baseball sky 2


Hello Ev,

I am going to assume this one will commemorate your 27th year on the planet . . .
and in light of that marvelous achievement,  I certainly want to wish U all the very best,  and that U receive only those things that U need,  want,  deserve,  and desire . . .
As we both know,  the means to shower each other with packages surrounded by ribbons and bows has been in a state of flux these past few years,  especially within my own sphere of influence or intent,  and as my own Day of Birth approaches,  I am all too aware that the circumstances which bring those kinds of opportunities have been relegated to the far side of ‘maybe’,  at least as far as 2013 is concerned . . .
When it is all said and done,  and if times and circumstances could be somehow re-arranged or re-worked to allow for life’s often overwhelming twists of Fate, then I would still wish for the most precious and priceless of gifts to ever come wrapped in a box or stuffed in an envelope, and that would be the sweetest and most joyous moments U and I could ever spend in each other’s company,  as we had done so long ago in Days Gone By, before things got so terribly complicated,  when all we had to do was pick up our gloves and a baseball and walk out onto the street in front of our house and face each other from about 80′ away,  and let fly with everything we had to give,  and it wound up being everything that really matters in this world,  when a father and son each knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt,  that few things in this life would ever be as cool or so thoroughly cherished,  as this . . .
and for every treasured memory U caused, crafted, or conveyed into the corridors of My Heart,  I can only bow my head in sheer and absolute wonder,  and thankfulness,  for making the very quality of my life so completely unique and unparalleled,  by virtue of simply being the boy U were and the man U have become,  making all those moments then,  now,  and in between,  most if not all,  of The Best Days of My Life . . .
have a very Happy Birthday,  Ev . . .
as Ever,  and for Always,  
I love U . . .

Light, of The Millennia




of Fathers,  and Suns

(  for Evan  )




on The Shoreline,  where I walk,  caught between The Wish and The Wave,

if Tomorrow fails to shed His Light,  I will treasure,  All that He gave,

and Still,  if this Tide,  should fail to Return,  across Heaven’s Shining Mile,

     I will walk,  The Days of Infinity,  to find The Kingdom,  of His Smile . . .





from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Sixth DoveTale – The Grace of Swans