there upon The Breath of God



The Spaces,  inSighed,  of Together



as Wave after Wave,  of Gossamer’d Wing,

came thundeRing,  across The Sky,

while Freedom,  reigned,

among The Pained,

and All before


       knew of Why . . .

as Angels stood,

from Meadow to Wood,

to welcome The Break of Day,

and What Will Be,  and We Shall See,

     Ever bestow Their Smiles,  to light The Way . . .



yes,  The ButterFly has come,  and now The Whole is The Sum,  of Each and Every Thing Dear,

     and,  for Ever is The Dei,  She,  has shown Me The Way,  to live,  beyond The Absence,  of Fear . . .



 from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning )  The Fifth DoveTale – The Circle of Heaven




beyond The Realms of unCertainty


The Path,  of Freedom

 (  is The Will,  of Desire  )



flying,  Up through The Mists,  of Eden,

with The Might of a billion Prayers,  She

lifts Her Eyes,  toward a Pale Blue Gem,

set Far and Away across This Nocturnal

     Sea of God’s Dominion . . .

Rhyme and Reason

are Divinity’s Winds, 

that hold Her Wings Aloft,  as

She ponders the distance from Here, 

      to Eternity,  on The Other Side,  of The Sky . . .

as The Sigh of God softly blows Her ever Onward

She is steadfast in Her Resolve for She carries with Her

The Rose of Friendship,  delicately woven into The Tapestry

      of Her Life,  holding Still in Her Heart,  The Dreams of Avalon . . .

for She,  is a Butterfly of Uncommon Beauty,  and a Monarch,  of

Peerless Grace,  and as StarLight blankets Her Path,  beginning Her

Grand and Glorious Voyage to The Sun,  She turns Again to face The Day, 

and sees,  a Flock,  of Ten Thousand

      More . . .




Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Cliffs of Andromeda