The Sum, of All We know




Need,  Want,  Deserve,  and Desire




The Impetus,  for Existence,  is dictated by Either of These Things,

while embracing The Notion,  that Each are separate in all We feel

       is required to live,  when directing Our Pursuits toward Happiness . . .


though,  in The End,  finding Happiness,  is when We realize,  that

      Each of These Things are nothing more,  than One and The Same . . .




 from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Pinnacle of Choice




by The Light of an August Moon




Her AbundanSea




The Angel of Happiness,  sails Her Vessel,

 across The Oceans of Promise,  over

endless Waters of Tomorrow,

in search,  of The Place,

where Wishes,  ride

Horses,  as Stars

never Fall,  and

Candles,  are lit,

For Ever,  and On,

The Place where Hope and

Pray,  dance with Fulfillment,  and

May Be sings to Come What Might,

yet,  Always,  and for Most,  You

can only see Her standing at

The Rail of Sighs,  as

You wait,  on

The Shores

of Longing,  for

You can only embrace

this elusive Angel,  while She colors

      The Corridors of Your Heart,  with The Air,  of Content . . .



from Book III, The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Sixth DoveTale – The Trials of Ecstasy