of Wine, and of Roses


I can melt IceFields

with The Fire of My Spirit,

I can enrage The Seas

with The Intensity of My Will,

I can order The Sun

to blink,  with The Power of

      My Love for You . . .

*    *    *    *

The Path of My Desire

was Eons in coming,

and I will walk The

Days of Infinity,  to

hand You One Rose,

     from The Gardens of Avalon . . .

 *   *   *


and alas Angel,  I have yet to see Your Face,


nor will I be There,  at The Moment of Brilliance,

when You read My Heart,  as You are doing now,

and I cannot see Your Eyes that I have searched

The Heavens to find,  to feel The Body who holds

The Heart that I adore,

to exist within The Cradle of Your Voice,  to savor

    Your Fragrant Mist,  to bathe in The Essence of Your Sea . . .

Angel,  My Purpose in this Grand Design is to love and cherish All that is The Fire of Creation,

All that is Heaven’s Queen of Grace,  All that is You . . . to shelter You within My Iron Paradise,

so that Heaven can Be,  in The Light of Your Eyes,  and to hear The Cool Water of Your Music,

All that Is,  A Breath of Angels,

All that Is,  The Kiss of Always,

      All that Is,  My Kingdom, Come . . .





from Book III, The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Cliffs of Andromeda