from The Depths, of Her Devotion



The Promise,  to Remember

 (  on A Dei,  in September  )




Far Ago,  and Long Away,  in a Time before Was,  in

      The Land of Because,  A Tale of Two Lovers,  began . . .





Path,  to


They would walk, 

Hand in Hand,  with a

Fire of Life,  burning to Live,

     Always as One They would stand . . .

in Her Eyes,  was A Universe of Love,

in Her Heart was borne The Reason,

Ever,  His Soul would adore Her,

no matter The Time,  nor

     The Season . . .

then,  One Day,  She heard Him say,

under a Cyan Sky,  Her Heart,  He

broke,  these Words He spoke,

      a Far Away Look,  in His Eye . . .

Winds of Time will not erase,

My Love for You,  and while,

I walk The Days of Infinity to

find,  One Rose,  as lovely,  as

Your Smile,  and to Return I know

      not When,  My Hope is Someday soon . . .

 and,  with that,  He turned,  and rode Away,

      to The Night,  by The Light,  of an August Moon . . .





to The Wind,  She cried,  for The Wind

was All She had to hold,  for Ever,

Gone,  The Light of Her Eyes,

toward The River,  of Time,

so to Eden’s Sky,  She told,

My Angel,  All I have,  is This,

My Love,  My Promise,  and A Kiss,

      for U,  as  My Heart,  will I,  Always,  miss . . .

and before She turned to walk Away,  The Wind

swirled around Her,  waiting,  as Patience,  there,  to

hear Her say,  waiting for Always,  Her Words to share,

Angel,  U,  are All that Is,  Ever My Will Be and My Was,

      U,  are why I Am,  and to Always,  U are My Because  . . .

and since that Eve,  of Ages passed,  when She saw that Look,  in His Eyes,

a Promise to The Wind She cried,  to wait for Infinity,  under Her Cyan Skies,

until,  One Day,  when Ever Returns,  from This Voyage,  The Folly,  of Men,

      for This Time would be The Last Time,  He would embrace Her Love,  Again . . .

and,  She waits,  as Always,  She will,

     and,  The Wind cries,  for Ever,  Still . . .




 from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Second DoveTale – The Pillow of Hope