there, on The Pinnacle of Choice


and Windows are but Seas of Glass



Imagine, walking through the corridors within you that comprise the essence of your heart, and therefore becoming the sanctuary of the very place where your soul resides.

From this simple act of defining a center of your self, now imagine the depth and breadth of your absolute significance within the grand and glorious design that caused such a remarkable occurrence, or presence, that whispers of understanding the magnitude of your purpose inside the All of it.

Visualize this presence as a sacred dwelling, a divinely inspired manse of awesome and stunning proportions, and far beyond your awakening consciousness to yet fully appreciate, and which now corresponds to the endless array of possibilities that await each and every notion that comes to mind.

For you,  are a most singular aspect, of the magnitude and majesty of Everything, as extraordinary as the light from the Sun that rose on the day you were born,  and as perfectly unique as the gleam in God’s adoring Eye.

And within this dwelling are as many rooms as there are stars in a galaxy, and each room holds again what only the stars could ever know.  And these rooms abound within the infinite corridors of your everlasting heart. And these rooms present the portals, that offer up the doors, that finally embrace the locks that will always require the Keys, of your Knowledge.

Now imagine, that each of these locks, will accept but a single remarkable key, and this key, is one among seven. For these seven keys, are the means by which all wisdom is bestowed, and all wisdom, is therefore achieved, when you have come to realize that your pure existence within and throughout this voyage of Knowledge, is of an unfolding, an arabesque of a delicate and deliberate design.

And this design is the blueprint of your amazing soul, whose primary purpose within Everything is to savor the countless experiences that forge each of the seven keys, that embody each of the seven virtues of living. For the totality of living is what your soul craves, to know what can only be learned by seeking wisdom, inside a journey that begins and ends with Patience, Tolerance, Acceptance, Compassion, Understanding, and Forgiveness, in order to ever find Love, again . . .

Love, is the sole manifestation of order within this universe, and without which there can emerge no process of investigation or examination, and therefore no sustainable need, want, deservance or desire to even pose the question “why ?”. Because, hidden deep within the fabric of humanity lays the thread of our individual and collective purpose, which, having been meticulously sown by the hand of the Almighty has resonated unerringly across the ages within the welcoming yet infinite realm of wonder.

For each and every aspect of understanding, once gathered and held secure by the alliance of faith and courage, transforms all inquiry and analysis into a definitive and glorious tapestry of Knowledge, through which, and ever annealed in the crucible of wisdom, shall emerge the exquisite clarity, of one voice, and ultimately, one truth.




in the cataclysm, of silence



all that remains,  of a once grand and glorious Because,  now lies hidden in the dust and detritus of a thousand kingdoms and empires come and gone,  buried deep in the wells of our wishes and wistful sighs of what might have been,  the scattered shards of our dreams and desires strewn heedlessly beneath the timeless advance of ideals and ideologies long forgotten,  and those not deserving of remembrance . . . we have built monuments and monoliths to honor that which holds no honor beyond the fleeting adoration of the moment,  while holding hostage the very futures of our children,  in exchange for the paltry ransoms of our immediate gratification . . . we have edificed soaring and gilt-splendored temples to our gods,  that rest upon a billion bones of the unredeemed and unworthy,  as we kneel before the machinery of our faith,  that we might find salvation in the very promise of our ingenuity,  while compassion,  love,  and kindness slowly fade from the pages of our story,  because tomorrow bears no witness,  in the mirror,  of our once upon a time . . .




from ZanaDew Falls,  Seen VIII:  The Time before Until




The Gleam, in God’s Eye








“   and when they first made what became known as Love,  in the dark crucible of their

            infinite loneliness,  Galaxies were born,  and these,  were The Children of The Sun . . .”







of gossamer’d Wing




By The Light, of A Lamp

 (  of Love  )



while I can only imagine, The Essence of Your Bouquet,

You are,  as a Rose or a very fine Wine . . . SomeOne

to savor and cherish,  for a very long Time . . . Your

Words possess an eternal quality,  while Longing

      and Desire,  vie,  for Your commitment to Reason . . .

it is an honor sharing this place with One as gifted

and as graced as You,  and if I,  am so ever fortunate

 enough to know a Heart, that whispered a Thought such

                 as This . . .         *

         ”   become the          *

white angels of

   a desperate winter  

 I would surely count Myself as present,

      when asked,  if I,  Ever saw,  Perfection . . .






The Quotation was posted by Sharon Gould 

on May 1st, 1998,  from Poets & Writers

Forum #7.1893 in  of Love,  Again


from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Circle of Heaven




the Song, and the Dance



Convincing otherWise

(  to Reason  )



He looked out,  across a Sea of Faces,  One by One,  to find

Each holding a Passion,  a Purpose,  and a Promise,

and Each prepared to blame The Next,  for

      The Failures,  of The One,  before . . .

We want Understanding,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unSpoken,

We want Forgiveness,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unSeen,

We want Love,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unHeard,

because All They had forgotten to remember,  was that

Patience,  Tolerance,  Acceptance and Compassion

were NoWhere,  to be found,  among All that had

      Ever remained,  and Always,  to be left behind . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Pillar of Truth




Silent Lucidity



The Love,  of God




       old as Rhyme,  and Time,  Eternity Itself . . .





from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Tenth DoveTale – The Cloak of Simplicity



once upon a Dream




Block Buster




                                                    *         *         *         *         *         *         *         *

                        on newsstand,  gift shop,  bookstore or mall,                      *

                        not one trace,  of The Book was found,  at all,                      *

                        each had been begged, borrowed or bought,                      *

                        so any that were left,  would never be sought . . .                 *


                                             The Voyage of Kings                                            *

                                                        IronHorse                                                     *


                         then,  one Morning,  as Peace came at Last,                      *

                         and Patience,  finally,  walked into The Past,                      *

                         there flew o’er The Fields,  a Flock of Grace,                      *

        Ever upon Love,  will Their Shadows,  Race . . . 





Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fourth DoveTale – The Web of Pearls




this River, of Souls




The Veil,  of Rapture

(  Falls,  Away  )



*                                                                 *

Love,  is The First,  and Final,  Purpose of Life,

and what We learn Here on This Earth,

will be The Lessons that hone

the very Point,  of this

      Universe . . .







from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Pillar of Truth





on The Shores, of Longing




Castles,  made of And

(  fall,  unto Thee  )



     Men will do for Beauty,  what They seldom do for Love . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Second DoveTale – The Sea of Glass




upon Our upTurned Faces



The Sky,  in Autumn’s Dream





*  *

*      *

*           *

*                 *

*                          *

*                                       *

*                where,  from                *

The Arms,  of Hope,  and The Blessing,  of

Faith,  flew The Wrens of Ever,  Ten Thousand All,

Each with The Memories of EveryThing Dear,  and Each,

with a Ribbon of Forgiveness,  when in The Rush of Wings

came a Voice of Quiet Thunder,  and Whispers of Horses

echoing across The Universe like The Breath of God,

and in One Word,  came One Wish,  Love,

      and It was So . . .




and from Sumwhere inside the very First Tear to caress

      The Face of Joy,  came The Fall,  of The Reign,  of Night . . .

from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Symphony of Moments