and We are crying, still



The Crack,  in The Bell,  of Freedom

(  for whom,  The Knell,  tolls  )



It came, 

in The Middle of the Night,

yes,  It came,  without a Sound,

It came while We were sleeping,

     yes,  It came with no one around . . .

It came,  while We were fighting,

yes,  It came,  for We were Fools,

It came,  while We were weeping,

     for We had broken,  All The Rules . . .

 It came,  as His Blood was spilled,

yes,  It came,  so in Heaven’s Name,

It came,  when Our Choice was made,

     because,  It came,  to reveal,  Our Shame . . .





 from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Third DoveTale – The Gates of Dawn