when all had been said, when all had been done . . .




In The Wake,  of Devotion

 ( Widows Walk )



She looks,  out across the Millennia,  out across an endless path of winter,  in the hope of finding one Day’s respite from sorrow,  worn,  as She wears Her faith,  with the courage of Titans . . .

and deep within Her Heart,  lies Patience,  hiding from the folly of men . . . for they would steal from Her,  all they can never understand,  and they would bury Her,  under all they can never know . . .

and She will carry Her burden through the Ages,  as She,  as Always,  has done,  without the comfort of Solace,  without the shelter of Kindness . . . for in this She stands alone,  listening to The Ring of Truth,  telling Her of all that might have been . . .

and slowly,  She turns toward Yesterday,  and smiles,  as Her Children of The Clouds gather before Her,  to bathe within Her Abundance . . . and Her Eyes catch a glimpse of Wisdom,  as She lays upon Her twilight Path,  from Her Basket of Knowledge,  the Tears that became Stars,  long ago . . .

and in the time of a Wink and a Promise,  She forgives all that came before,  as She walks beside Remember,  there along The River of Souls . . . and in the distance,  drifting in the swells that would soon make quiet thunder upon Her Shore,  anchored to a beachhead of impossible Moments yet to come,  stands Fate,  bound to the deck of a Ship,  called Evemore . . .


*      *      *


and there,  across a Sea of Glass,  walks The Reason Why . . .




the fire in passion’s i



and with an intensity of pure emotion that overshadowed all that ever came before, even in their dreams, and a fevered rush of purpose rivaling the power that ignites the Sun, they pledge their fidelity to the sea of Stars above them, to walk all the moments of Eternity, to capture just one tear falling from the face that is the grace of God, and to savor it, to cherish it, from this moment on, until all their moments fade . . .

and all at once, they heard a Sound, soft and slow, yet with an enduring rhythm of what surely must be Light, cast from a very distant fire, rising as a golden wind, an echo of the millennia, roaming for ever all the days of Infinity, forging the very framework of their deepest desires, melding their hearts as one, delivering them the whisper of a promise, that this time, and this place, has been touched by the feather from the wing, of the Angel, of Love . . .






from The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream  The Kiss, of Always


The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's Dream



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Life, beyond The Pale

The Promise,  of Hope

 (  My Whirled  )





and to So,  there It

 was,  and,  to Remember,  It was told,

      of An Echo,  once born,  from The Deis of Old . . .

 and  for every Tear cried in The Name of The Dove,

      then for Ever there will reign,  a mighty Sea of Love . . .

 and out beyond The Reach this Voice did roam,

 to tell The Story of A Place,  He will

       Always call,  Home . . .



(  a pale blue Gem,  in a dark velvet Sky  )


from Book I, The Ring ( First Light ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Rock of Patience


the Song, and the Dance



Convincing otherWise

(  to Reason  )



He looked out,  across a Sea of Faces,  One by One,  to find

Each holding a Passion,  a Purpose,  and a Promise,

and Each prepared to blame The Next,  for

      The Failures,  of The One,  before . . .

We want Understanding,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unSpoken,

We want Forgiveness,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unSeen,

We want Love,  They cried,  but Their Cries,  went unHeard,

because All They had forgotten to remember,  was that

Patience,  Tolerance,  Acceptance and Compassion

were NoWhere,  to be found,  among All that had

      Ever remained,  and Always,  to be left behind . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Pillar of Truth




’til All Moments, fade




The Origins,  of Kindness

 (  what Always,  said,  to Ever,  when Ever,  said,  GoodBye  )




go,  My Darling,  and do what U must do,

and I will never,  think the Less of U,

and whereEver U may wander,

and whereEver U may fly,

take My Light to guide

U,  so that Wonder

      paints,  Your Sky . . .

and to savor This,

of Our Last Kiss,  as

each Morning gives Promise

to The Day,  remember Always,  that I

      love U,  and as Always,  My Love will light,  The Way . . .




 from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Fifth DoveTale – The Veil of Rapture




for Thine, is The Kingdom




The Promise,  of Deliverance

(  to Love,  Again  )



      what Destiny never knew,  and Fate has not forgotten . . .





from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The First DoveTale – The Rhythm of Life




like Cool Water




whether for Love,  or Truth




 or The Wisdom that grows from Both,  it is Our Intimacy with

­OurSelves that defines the Essence of Our Character,  which,

after All,  is The Sum,  of All that We have to give,  to Our Path,

to Our Purpose,  and to Our Passion,  and if We dare to call

 OurSelves Writers,  We must find The Fortitude necessary

within Us,  to illuminate The World around Us,  through

 the endless Pursuit,  and Refinement,  of Our Craft,

yes,  Our Love of Writing,  is Love of Truth, 

and Love of Truth is ultimately,

      The Point . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Destiny of Kings



by The Light of an August Moon




Her AbundanSea




The Angel of Happiness,  sails Her Vessel,

 across The Oceans of Promise,  over

endless Waters of Tomorrow,

in search,  of The Place,

where Wishes,  ride

Horses,  as Stars

never Fall,  and

Candles,  are lit,

For Ever,  and On,

The Place where Hope and

Pray,  dance with Fulfillment,  and

May Be sings to Come What Might,

yet,  Always,  and for Most,  You

can only see Her standing at

The Rail of Sighs,  as

You wait,  on

The Shores

of Longing,  for

You can only embrace

this elusive Angel,  while She colors

      The Corridors of Your Heart,  with The Air,  of Content . . .



from Book III, The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Sixth DoveTale – The Trials of Ecstasy