and Still Falling, Higher



Above This Field of ForgetMeNots

 (  She Soars  )




She watches The FireFlies

chasing Away The Edge of Night,

It’s Long Dark Kiss nEver to pierce

or plague The Very Hearts of Men,

and what Women once Were,

     They will Be,  Again . . .

and Far,  Far





for Eternity,

is Her Iron Horse,

SteadFast,  and Resolute,

with His Eyes Ever on The Prize,

and His Heart,  Ever bound by a Thread

so Fine,  and Silver,  to The Wing’d Wonder

now dancing with The Wind,  high above Him,

and to Whom,  He gazes so fondly,  and returns

The Smile She has flown an entire Sky to find,

and He whispers to Her,  with a Voice of

singular Courage and Grace,

whereEver U may go,  and whatEver U may do,

The Meaning of My Life,  is for Always,  loving U,

yet,  no Matter how Far,  from Me, U care to roam,

know that My Heart will be waiting,  for as Long  as

      My Heart,  is Your Home . . .



from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eleventh DoveTale – The Whisper of Fullfilment