by The Ring, of Excalibur




The Point,  of The Sword,  of Truth




as Blessings know,

it is Always at Times like this,

when I Again open The Door to This Place,

after a long Day’s surrender,  under the Night’s velvet Sky,

when I happen upon The Peace of Your Stories,  a Promenade of Words,     >

crafted as though Perfection were well within Your Grasp,

as if Your Thoughts were Heralds of Hope,

whispering of Imminent and

EverLasting Grace . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Second DoveTale – The Sea of Glass




in The Reign, of Joy



The Ribbon,  of Love

 (  OdysSee  )




Angel,  You are The Reason,  You are The Answer,

You are The Hope that lives in The Heart of Lovers All,

and Your Heart is The Healing Grace,  the Sweet Music of

Eden,  from The Mists of EverMore,  The Path of All Desire,

     The Fulfillment of My Dreams,  A Wondrous Sea of Change . . .

and The Angel of Love removes a Ribbon from Her Hair,

a Ribbon of Glorious Cyan Blue,  The Color of Glory,

and from It She hangs a Golden Key,  a Key to

The Gates of The Kingdom of Heaven,

and places It around The Neck, 

of The Paladin of Truth,

Her Guardian of Honor,  as

She whispers softly,  as The Wind,

Here is The Key to My Everlasting Heart,

wear It Always,  wear It Ever,  and wear It True,

for This,  is The Way for Us,  The Path of Our Desire

leads Us to The Gates of Friendship,  to The Horizon of

Freedom,  and The Light that shines within Our Universal

Soul is The Mirror of All Things God’s Grace holds Dear,

       So,  take My Hand,  and We will talk,  of Days to Come . . .




and The Soldier of Her Virtue,

The Iron Horseman of The Empire of The Sky,

regards The Pools of Innocence within The Galaxy of Her Eyes,

and stares off into The Star Clusters of Orion,  toward the pale blue dot

that is Avalon,  shining under The Fires of a Lone Sun,  alone,  among The

Jewels reflected in His Eyes,  and as His Legion of Chariots fly across the

black velvet Sky,  like Diamonds,  He whispers once more,  of His

Purpose,  and of His Path,  and of His Passion,  and,  as a

Testament of His Faith,  lays His Sword of Truth

across His Heart,  and takes Her Hand,

echoing The Song of Eden,

for Her and to Her,

and He says,

Yes,  My Beloved,

and He bows His Head,

in The Presence of Her Grace,

and,  with The Majesty of Swans,

      He kisses The Hand,  of The Dawn . . .





from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Symphony of Moments




a Paragon, of Virtue





(  The Child  )






All His Glory,

with All His Might,

free of Destiny’s Chain,

borne to uphold The Mantle

of Her Dominion,  and The Virtues

of Perfection,  a Legion of Stars awaiting

His Whisper of Justice,  poised on The Edge

of Truth,  His Back to The Universe,  His Sword,

lifted toward Hope,  a River of Tears in His Wake, 

and The Rage of Angels in His Heart,  daring the

dogs of Chaos,  to look in His Eyes,  standing,

for Eternity,  among The Honor,  of Always,

standing,  between Time,  and Space,

is Ever,  gracing The Smile,  on

a Face of An Angel,  by

The Name,  of So

It shall

      Be . . .





from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The Twelfth DoveTale – The Children of The Clouds



Her River of Light



The Wings,  of Grace



and far,  far away,  in a Land of Endless Grace,  with a Night of Ten

 Thousand Suns,  The Eyes of Heaven cease Their Vigil,  to witness,  and to

     wonder of this Promenade of Eden,  this Choreography of Paradise . . .

 and with The Majesty of Swans,  The Mother of Dawn slowly raises

      Her Hand to brush the tears from Her Face,  and nods Her Head . . .

The Angelic Warrior,  Soldier of Virtue,  without name or number,

gracefully turns His Mien of Valor to face His Legion of Stars,  Her

Children of The Clouds . . . scanning the Night Sky,  on His Boots of

Yellow Fire,  with The Power of Infinite Love,  thundering as The Roar

 of Lions through His Soul,  He lifts His Sword of Truth,  and points toward

 Destiny,  a brilliant blue Planet of The Sea,  and,  as a Golden Wind,  as an Echo, 

     He whispers . . .

*   *   *

The Light,  of The Millennia,

cast,  from a Distant Fire,

roam,  It will,  for Ever,

      The Path,  of My Desire . . .

 *   *   *

and The Light of a Candle,

 borne from The Heart of a Child,

borne from a Sea of Glass,  reflects

 on His gleaming Blade of Honor,  and

       flies through The Windows,  of Her Eyes . . .

and,  as if The Skies of Heaven were to crack

      from the Intensity of Her Love,  She smiles,  Again . . .

 and within The Time of A Wink,  and The Gift of A Promise,

The Chariots of The Sun fly away on Her twighlight Path,  spiriting Them,

       Guardians All,  on Their Voyage to The Sea,  a Voyage of Kings,  on Her River,  of Light . . .




from Book I,  The Ring ( First Light) The Sixth DoveTale – The Grace of Swans ( conversion )


from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eleventh DoveTale – The Whisper of Fulfillment