the Courage, of Innocence




All About Eve



(  from Apples,  and Serpents,  and Kingdoms of Heaven  )

(  came  The Choice,  that gave It All,  A Way  )

As She walked,  through The Garden

and Her Thoughts began to harden

upon what The Ages would regard

as Her immortal Sin,  to enshroud

All The Fruits of Her Labors,  and

even Shame from Her Neighbors,

      who were still of course,  Her Kin . . .

though against All of Her Wishes

Eden now smelled like fishes so

Her Patience had worn quite thin,

I shall Always do,  whatever I can,

despite the Folly of this Man  still

      She did not know,  where to begin . . .

and so She looked toward The Sky,

to find those Reasons ~Why~,  which

would ever be The Source of All Women’s

Pain,   and through It All,  I shall take the Fall,

     when,  and just then,  the Night,  began,  to Reign . . .




(  and if A Pedestal U see,  then A Pedestal,  It be  )




Book I,  The Ring ( First Light ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Rock of Patience