between the sand, and the foam

November 8th, 1999



of Fathers, and Suns

( for Evan )


on the Shoreline, where I walk, caught between the wish, and the wave,

if Tomorrow fails to shed His Light, I will treasure, All that He gave,

and still, if this Tide should fail to return, across Heaven’s shining mile,

      I will walk, all the Days of Infinity, to find the Kingdom, of His smile . . .





 from The Voyage of Kings – The Ring – The Sixth DoveTale – The Grace of Swans








where the Sand, meets the Foam





     a deep and beautiful sadness . . .

(  this Tide,  of Remember  )



there are Moments,  when and until,  if not for these Tears,

then My Heart would surely burst,  from trying to hold

      back all the Waves,  in a Sea of Might Have Been . . .





there, on The IcanSea



East,  Her




as a Deep and EverLasting Hush began to blanket The Universe,

and Silence,  slowly turned to face The Crimson Sky, 

There,  between The Sand and The Foam,

There,  between The Reason,

and The Look in

The Eye of Because,

There,  in The Space,

between Hope and


      came The Dawn . . .

as She rises,  a Golden Wind,

moving,  as Liquid,  through The Very Hearts

of Men,  dancing as One among The Women

of Her Soul,  shining Her Light

upon The Smiles,  of

All Things Dear,

     came The Dawn . . .

as Each,  of The Three

White Dolphins,  pulling Now,  with

All of Their Might,  a Thread so Fine and Silver,

lay Their Eyes,  upon The gListening Shores of Avalon,

     while The Trumpets blow,  so soft and slow,  came The Dawn . . .

and just as The Roar of The Wings of 10,000 Butterflies begin to fade toward The Arms of Remember,

 and The Angel of Forgiveness steps down from Her Chariot of Light,  pouring HerSelf over The Garden,

and,  while The Laughter of Children

rose Up,  to kiss The Break of Dei,

      came The Dawn,  of Love,  Again . . .




from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Fourth DoveTale – The Secret of Prisms