high in The Willows of Remember



The Ivy,  and The Dove




as Time’s Wake

 draws its Shadow,  across

The Corridors of Her Heart,

She looks to The Universe,

upon Her Celestial Sea,

a Nocturnal Velvet

of Her Dominion,

toward The Shores of

Avalon,  toward Her Sunrise,

      a shimmering,  and distant,  Cyan Sky . . .

She remembers,  Echoes of Days,  and Nights,

Long Ago,  when Her Fireflies laughed at The Moon,

as They walked as One,  along The Path to KnowWhere,

quietly regarding Their Reflection in Pools of Innocence, 

Windows of Each Other’s Eyes,  in Their Secret Eden,

under The Gaze of a Mockingbird,  Their Sentry,

before whom All shall pass,  She remembers,

when They danced,  across The Heavens,

when They sailed across The Sea of Glass,

when They made Love in The Fires of Creation,

when Their Whispers in The Morning ignited The Suns

of Skies Beyond,  when,  from Their Blessed Union was born

The Light of The Millennia,  Eons Ago,  She remembers,  and waits,

as Always,  at The Point of Eternity,  for The Return,  of Her Love,  Again,

Yes,  She remembers,  a Time before Memory became The Well of Fallen Tears,

She remembers The Days before Infinity cried,  The Days before The Music died,

She remembers,  and lights a Candle,  and smiles,  longing for Ever Still,

Yes,  She remembers,  and as Always, 

      She will . . .





from Book III,  The Diamond ( Third Beginning ) The Eighth DoveTale – The Bridge of Dreams