The Chalice, of Hope



To Light,  and Life

 (  There,  from Here  )



walking along The River of Souls,  He shares The Path,  with Patience,

and before The Last Feather of Dawn breaks Free of The Fall of Night,

as Come What May,  smiles,  knowingly,  to So It Might,  He turns to

face The Eyes of Heaven,  His Legion of Stars,  as They pause,

One More Time,  to Witness,  and as Always,  to Wonder, 

of The Glory,  within Them,  and Each,  bowing

Their Head,  in The Presence of Truth,

Each,  laying Their Sword,  at

The Feet of Grace,  when,

at Last,  He whispers,

You,  My Guardians,

Children of The Sun,

Your Journey,  began

in The Thoughts of God,

so There It will come to Rest,

bless This Earth with Love,  Again,

      Always,  for You,  I will Promise,  Their Best . . .

Here,  at Last,  Night is Past,  as Hearts,  begin to mend,

     and Ever,  He turns,  to face The Day,  still walking,  around The Bend . . .




from Book II,  The Sword ( Second Sound ) The First DoveTale – The Fires of Ice