The Book




The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller's DreamAll for The Wrong’s Reason

(  Angels,  fell  )




far,  far ago,  an Angel named Bright Morning Star,  after quite long and careful thought,  decided one day to ask God a simple question,  Father,  what is the purpose for which I will never be allowed to see Your face ? . . .

and after a grand and glorious deliberation with Himself,  while pouring over all of The Whys and all of The Wherefores in His great Book of Deeds,  after gathering each bit of memorandum from His voluminous Catalog of Intent,  and certainly but diligently checking the minutes of His deeply inspired and ageless Magnitude,  God soon discovered,  that there was no answer . . .

and in order to keep The Meaning of Life fully intact,  and to preserve a never-ending River of Souls to tend to the multitude of His affairs,  and,  so as not to keep an Angel waiting for far too long a time while in the very throes of discontent,  God quickly decides to forestall any decision on the matter,  and promptly issues a decree that hereby states . . . that any Angel, who henceforth demonstrates a complete and profound deficiency in the faith I never gave Them,  will be subject to spending an eternity living on a place called Earth,  wondering why . . .



*       *       *



The Voyage of Kings ~ A StoryTeller’s Dream is a wing-swept journey through the Universe, beginning in the heart of a ‘fallen angel’ called Ever, as he wanders through the chances and circumstances of humanity, as he drifts within the vast emptiness of his abandonment and exile among the stars, along with the fateful and far-reaching consequences his self-serving pursuit of an ideal has brought to bear upon all Creation, and especially upon his beloved Always, whose tears are the river of this tale . . .

A journey that unfolds around his surrender to a spiritual awakening, and ends with his discovery and final embrace of a remarkably simple notion – that when fools set out to find what they already possess, they discover only the follies of men . . .

Born of an ancient yet unremembered legend, a fairy’s tale, as old as rhyme and even Time itself, captured in the echoes of uncountable voices across the millennia, comes an achingly beautiful love story, wrapped in the mists and myths of a place called Avalon, and whispering of the mysteries and majesties of God . . . 

The Promise:

The book is a thoroughly unique collection of short stories, poetry, and lyrical prose called DoveTales, that weave an amazing trilogy of dreams into the most vibrant threads of faith, courage, and devotion, which are all then so cleverly crafted to become a glorious tapestry of love, loss, and the triumph of love, again . . . as seen through the eyes of Angels, as they peer into the very hearts and souls of those who always seem to search for Glory, when all they really ever need, is Grace . . . 

And who might enjoy reading The Voyage of Kings

Anyone possessing even a small spark of spiritual insight or inclination, and would be open to considering an infinitely simple concept of where they might fit in the grand scheme of things, and the quite attainable realities of their role within it . . . 

Anyone possessing a sense of wonder, and a welcoming regard for a heavenly presence in their world, along with the acknowledgement and embrace of the more compassionate virtues such as patience, tolerance, acceptance and forgiveness, with all respect given to uplifting the human condition beyond measure . . . 

Anyone seeking a remarkably different view of ~mankind, as it relates to womankind~; a dramatically elevated premise regarding the Feminine Ideal and its divine or spiritual significance . . . that will turn all male-dominated religious biases and historically gender-centric portrayals of a woman’s place, position or importance in the pantheon of God’s cast of characters, on its collective head . . . 

Anyone seeking inspirational, lyrical, romantic, or poetic verse or prose, and wishes to explore alternative expressions of inspired, enlightened, theological, or purpose-driven thought . . . are fully cognizant and accepting of a Christian paradigm of living, and believe that when our creative knowledge embraces our artistic desires, we can achieve global understanding . . .




The Digital and Print Editions can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes&Noble

. . .

One response to “The Book

  1. Have been reading a few of your excerpts, have more catching up to do. Your tribute to your son touched my heart. You add a beautiful poetic and artistic touch to all your spiritual musings and this creates openings in the reader to be receptive to the words…

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